Help make the world more inclusive


This service is for you if you’re a language professional looking to offer respeaking services or if you’re an employer looking to upskill your team.

Why train in respeaking?

Be in demand
Respeaking (known as voice-writing in the USA) is a sought-after service and demand is growing. The virtual events industry – an important setting for respeakers – has grown to over $400 billion from just $77 billion in 2019. 

Promote inclusivity
Contribute to making the world a more inclusive place. Connect to a growing network of language professionals. 

Share your knowledge
You may even decide to train other respeakers in the future. One of my students now delivers their own webinars whilst another teaches respeaking in a university.


Receive training to suit your current skillset, timeframe and learning style.

Respeaking training for individuals

The most flexible way to learn respeaking with personalised training and support. I’ll design a bespoke course to suit your needs and goals.

Respeaking training for groups

Learn from each other and develop a professional network whilst still receiving individual support and feedback. Courses designed to suit all participants at a time and pace that works for you.

Respeaking consultancy for businesses and institutions

Book me for guest lectures, seminars and workshops, evaluation and quality assessment of respoken subtitles and respeaking training.

Pre-recorded subtitling training

Want to learn subtitling?
As a pre-recorded subtitler of six years and member of GALMA, I can design and deliver a pre-recorded subtitling course for language professionals and language and access service providers.

How it works

Let me plan training to suit your needs.

In your training, you will

  • Acquire new skills and an excellent understanding of respeaking
  • Complete plenty of practical tasks
  • Receive personalised feedback on respeaking tasks
  • Complete course assessments to monitor progress
  • Obtain a certificate of completion which could count towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Pricing is dependent on the mode, length and depth of the training. Please get in touch to discuss.

Take your first step in becoming a respeaker.