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This service is for individuals, businesses, media corporations and educational institutions with video content requiring subtitles in English.

I also support language and access service providers with subtitling services on a freelance basis.

What is pre-recorded subtitling?

Pre-recorded subtitles (known as captions in the USA) make your content’s audio accessible to those who are deaf or hard of hearing, speak a different language or watching it in public.

Adding subtitles involves four key steps.

  • Creating time codes so your subtitles appear at the right time.
  • Turning your audio into text. This may involve a translation or adding sound labels for SDH.
  • Proofreading your subtitles for quality and accuracy.
  • Burning your subtitles onto the video.

Want to learn how to subtitle? I design and deliver bespoke training for subtitling. Please visit the Training page for more information.


Intralingual Subtitles

Same-language subtitles. Subtitles in English for your English language video.

Interlingual Subtitles

Subtitles translated.
English subtitles for your Spanish language video.

Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing

SDH including extra information to convey sound.

Why work with me?


Benefit from my six years of experience delivering Spanish to English subtitles for educational content, television series, films and content for popular streaming services.


Reinforce your video’s message without sacrificing style. My subtitles are subtle and sensitive to the nuances of storytelling, humour and rhythm.


Ensure equal access to your work and guarantee every moment is experienced the way you intended.

Some content I’ve worked on

The result


Accessible content attracts more viewers, more subscribers and more customers. 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound.


Show consideration for the 12 million Brits who are deaf or hard of hearing with my error-free and discreet SDH subtitles.


By 2022, video will make up 82% of consumer internet traffic. That’s 15 times higher than in 2017. Keep your content relevant in a growing and competitive market.


By 2022, video will make up 82% of consumer internet traffic. That’s 15 times higher than in 2017. Keep your content relevant in a growing and competitive market.


Keep your viewers interested. 80% of US consumers are more likely to watch your whole video if it has subtitles. They’re also more likely to remember information, like, share and click subtitled films.

I was hired to deliver Spanish to English subtitles for a client presenting their research at a virtual conference. The presentation was well received by the English-speaking audience and my client was invited to collaborate on a new project off the back of its success.

How it works

Book me for projects of all sizes, from one-off videos to large-scale commissions or ongoing retainers. I’m often available for quick turnaround projects, get in touch to discuss my availability.

I work with professional subtitling software Ooona and WinCaps.


The cost of subtitling depends on the type of subtitling and the total number of minutes in the source video. The time and level of skill it takes to create subtitles vary for timed English to English subtitles, timed Spanish to English subtitles, SDH, or translation only. There is a minimum project fee of £40.

You’ll get

  • Background research into your industry, relevant terminology and your target audience.
  • Timed, formatted subtitles.
  • A choice between a finished video with subtitles burned in or a subtitle file in the format you need.
  • Optional round of edits if required.

Share your video content with an ever-expanding audience.