Make your live content accessible


This service is for individuals, businesses, media corporations, event organisers and educational institutions with live content that needs subtitles.

I also support language and access service providers as a freelance respeaker, also known as a live subtitler or speech-to-text interpreter.

What is respeaking?

Live content – whether it’s breaking news, a conference, a meeting or an online class – isn’t always accessible to everyone in real-time. Live subtitles are produced via keyboards (Stenotype, Velotype), automation (automatic speech recognition) or respeaking. I specialise in respeaking (known as voice-writing in the USA).

Respeaking makes content accessible to a wide-ranging audience, including children, the elderly, foreigners, people with sensory, learning or cognitive disabilities who would benefit from live text and people viewing content in public with the audio on mute.

Respeakers (or voice-writers) listen to the audio and repeat, paraphrase or translate what’s said adding punctuation, labels to identify speakers and sounds. Respeakers use speech recognition software, such as Dragon, which turns our words into text running alongside your live event. As speech recognition is not always 100% accurate, respeakers make live error corrections of misrecognised words. This is called live subtitling (or live captioning).

Here’s an illustration of the interlingual respeaking process from Spanish into English.

Find out more about how respeaking works and how it benefits your audience using the ILSA guidelines linked below.


Intralingual live subtitles

Same-language live subtitles for your English-speaking live content.

Interlingual live subtitles

Translated Spanish to English live subtitles for your live content.

I can respeak your live event remotely or in person, COVID-19 permitting. I can respeak live events conducted over Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other platforms.

If you need live subtitling in a language combination outside those I offer, I can recommend colleagues covering English into Spanish, as well as Dutch, French, German, Italian and Polish. Contact me to find out more.

Want to become a respeaker? I design and deliver bespoke training.

Why work with me?


Benefit from my input as a leading expert with a PhD in respeaking. I train other respeakers and measure the quality of respoken subtitles.


Ensure your live event goes smoothly. My live subtitles are accurate and fast.


Align your live content with your values and follow virtual event best practices. Let me help you make your live content inclusive.

The result


High-quality live subtitling enhances your professionalism.


By live subtitling your event, it’s easier for your viewers to concentrate and learn. Live online classes improve students’ performance, strengthening comprehension and retention of information.


Expand your content’s reach. Cater to the deaf and hard of hearing, speakers of other languages and those viewing content on mute.


Show that for you, inclusivity is not an afterthought. Companies that embrace inclusion outperform their competitors.


Adapt to the explosion of live internet content. Live subtitling helps your audience avoid the dreaded Zoom fatigue.

How it works

Book me for projects of all sizes, from one-off respeaking engagements to ongoing retainers for your regular live subtitling needs.

  • Send me an email to tell me about your project.
  • We’ll have a call to discuss the details and I’ll send you over a proposal.
  • We’ll both sign a contract. For a one-off project, you’ll pay a deposit.
  • I’ll prepare for your event by researching the subject area and terminology.
  • You have the use of my services for the duration of the event.
  • Afterwards, you’ll receive a transcript of your event.
  • I’ll be available to answer questions.

The cost of respeaking depends on the language combination, level of specialism, and how many hours you need me for.

You’ll get

  • My preparation time before the event.
  • My time and labour on the day.
  • A transcript of the event to share with attendees to be used as notes or kept as a record.
  • If you record and make your event available afterwards, live subtitles can be re-synced and burned onto the video or delivered as a subtitle file.
  • Questions answered following the event.

Give your live audience the full experience of your event.