Hola, I’m Hayley.

I’m a freelance Spanish to English translator, subtitler, respeaker and trainer dedicated to making content more accessible and inclusive.

I work with businesses, individuals and students to expand the reach of your content or simply to make it as engaging and memorable as possible. I’ve helped my clients share their ideas and stories with a wider audience, host inclusive events, deliver inspiring keynote speeches and land job interviews.

My story

Twelve years ago, I learnt my first words of Spanish. Now, being bilingual is essential to my career and a big part of who I am. I live, breathe and eat Spanish language and culture from films and TV to music and food.

Like many, I was introduced to the language in school. It captured my imagination. I begged my teachers to put me on my first ever plane ride to Barcelona. There, I lived with a host family and attended language school. Three weeks later, I was speaking Spanish.

I became fluent whilst teaching English in Madrid as part of my undergraduate degree. I’ve travelled through all 17 regions of Spain, but for me, the city will always be my favourite thanks to the happy memories I made there.

Back in Barcelona during my MA, I discovered a passion for subtitling. I’ve since worked on some of my favourite Spanish language films, series and documentaries for the world’s largest streaming services.

I became fascinated by the possibilities of sharing not only content, but live content with people from around the world. I started to research respeaking in 2016 and later completed a PhD on interlingual respeaking at the University of Roehampton. Respeaking is now one of my most popular services.

Demand for respeaking is increasing year on year. To support this, I help teach and assess respeaking and pre-recorded subtitling as a member of the international research group, GALMA at the University of Vigo. I teach on the world’s first online interlingual respeaking course and contributed to the EU-funded Interlingual Live Subtitling for Access project. I love sharing knowledge about media accessibility and supporting students and language professionals as they become respeakers.

As well as running my business, I am a research fellow at the University of Surrey, where I work on the ESRC-funded Shaping Multilingual Access Through Respeaking Technology project.

Find out how I can help you by visiting my services pages.